Alex Bailey (center) and the Black Outside, Inc. team, 
Angelica Holmes (standing) and Ki’Amber Thompson. (Alex Bailey)
Photo from: The 74

February is Black History Month!  Summer camps for youth in America are dominated by the white middle and upper class.  At their inception, summer camps were segregated, and not only that, but there weren't any summer camps for people of color.  Camp Founder Girls shares an inspiring history, and is part of an amazing program entitled Black Outside, Inc.  Camp Kupugani (Zulu concept meaning "to raise oneself up") is a summer camp that celebrates diversity and focuses on the multicultural experience.  It founded by Kevin Gordon and Natasha Jackson, and is currently the only black-owned private overnight camp in the U.S.  Click on the links below to learn more about these fantastic programs!

Camp Founder Girls

Black Outside, Inc

Camp Kupugani